Stewardship Dinner

MVUUC Members and Friends Annual Stewardship Dinner

Better Together – Good Stewardship Dinner and Activity Fair

Welcome Members and Friends!  Join us for our Better Together – Good Stewardship Dinner and Activity Fair on Saturday March 11, 2017!

Our Better Together – Good Stewardship Dinner and Activity Fair is an important fundraising event for MVUUC, and is always fun and fabulous! The Activity Fair is the place to let your talents shine, by hosting an event, dinner, or party, etc., while raising funds for MVUUC.  Please see the website for additional ideas.

Come to the Good Stewardship Dinner and Activity Fair and sign up for the great activities that will be available (cash, check, or credit cards accepted the evening of the dinner). You won’t want to miss it!

Doors open at 6:00 PM. A DelUUxe Salad Bar, Potato Bar, Spaghetti, Wine/Tea/Coffee, and Unique Desserts are included in the ticket price. Adult tickets are $15, Children 5-12 yrs. are $8. Children 0-4 yrs., donation requested.

Tickets are on sale and the Activity Fair Donation Forms are available after the Sunday services on February 19, 26 and March 5.

Questions about the Good Stewardship Dinner and Activity Fair? Contact Debbi Scurto at

Wow! The Good Stewardship Dinner and Activity Fair is fast approaching … but there’s still time to donate your activities! The deadline is March 3, 2017. Here are some suggestions:

  • Theme dinner or party at your house or a friend’s home (cultural, movie night, pool party, BBQ, vegan, gluten-free, etc.)
  • Game Night (bunco, scrabble, checkers, dominos, cranium, boggle, etc.)
  • Offer a tour and lunch or dinner anywhere you’d also like to go (think museums, restaurants, places of interest, a play, historic homes and gardens, thrift store, picnic, another UU church, hiking excursion, etc.)
  • Behind the scenes tour of an interesting place you have access to (university, hospital, fire station, police station, botanic garden, theatre, etc.)
  • Give lessons or help in your area of expertise (computer, iPhone, guitar, photography, singing, calligraphy, cooking, tutoring, sewing, etc.)

Create your own event… Any and all ideas welcome! Events can be at your home, a friend’s place (as long as your friend agrees!), in the Sanctuary (clear date with Office Administrator), or simply somewhere you enjoy. Donor does not have to provide all transportation; your offer could expect folks to carpool. Meals can be fancy, formal, or casual, whatever you prefer. You can bring pre-packaged lunches or snacks, have meals in restaurants where donor pays some or all, etc. Use your imagination!

Pick up your Donation Form when you buy your ticket(s), or contact Debbi Scurto at