• Tue
    7:00 pm





    In solidarity and communion with many interfaith communities, we will gather for an hour of prayer, readings, sharing and peacemaking as we set an intention for peace for the Inauguration.

    Look for the Zoom link in your email
  • Sun
    12 NoonIn-person and via Zoom

    At Noon on Sunday, May 23. 2021 there will be a Congregational Meeting after the Service in the Sanctuary and also on Zoom.

    The Rev. Rick Hoyt-McDaniels will be with us at this meeting and lead us through an important conversation to illustrate and explain the “Contract-to-Call” process. He will be present to answer questions as we explore our best future and make informed choices for our MVUUC Ministry. The goal of this “Contract to Call” process is for the congregation to decide if the Board of Trustees should offer Rev Maggie Yenoki a multi-year contract as our Minister.


  • Sun
    12 NoonIn-person* and via Zoom

    Please join with our Congregation as we gather for our Annual Meeting on June 13, 2021 at Noon either online or in-person.

    This coming Sunday is our annual congregational meeting. Each year, this meeting is an opportunity to celebrate all that we are as a Beloved MVUUC Community. These past 15 months especially, our congregation has been a constant connector for us, when so much of the world has felt uncertain, chaotic, and very tender...

    This Sunday, we will turn toward all that is to come. We have so much to look forward to this next year after the "soft" reopening our Sanctuary on May 23rd. We will be raising funds for a Spirit-Level matching grant that will enable us to upgrade our technology, we will re-engage in local community actions, and we will celebrate being together for community-building events.

    Please be certain to attend. All of our voices are best heard when they are spoken in harmony together!

    * Please Note:Those attending in person are asked to be fully vaccinated and masked. 
    (art by David Snedden)