Greetings from the MVUUC Nominating Committee

As members of the Nominating Committee, we are charged with the responsibility of creating the slate of candidates for the Ministerial Search Committee that will be voted upon at an upcoming congregational meeting.

It is critical for us to have input from every member in the congregation. The members of the Nominating Committee intend to place a call to each member’s household and ask you to consider the following questions about who among us would be the most effective members to join the Ministerial Search Committee:

  • Who can represent the whole congregation well (which would include looking out for the needs of children) and not just a piece or “faction” of the church? Who would have “no axe to grind” and who can serve the entire congregation?


  • Who in the congregation works well with others?


  • Who knows the history and culture of the church, whether old or newer to the congregation, and is grounded in our faith tradition?


  • Who can speak to a potential minister about our congregation on its best and worst days, about its strengths and weaknesses?


After thinking of these questions, who in the congregation would have your trust in working on our common behalf on our Search Committee? Remember this is a poll, it is not a vote or a nomination.

We will be seeking seven members to join this committee, so up to three suggestions are welcome. Feel free to suggest yourself. All those interested will be asked to fill out an application form that will be made available shortly.

Once the candidate applications have been assembled, reviewed and vetted by the Nominating Committee, a slate of seven people will be chosen by the Nominating Committee, and then the slate will be voted on at a congregational meeting in April.


So, expect a call from us soon!

Catherine Rowlee, Cynthia Humes, Debbi Scurto, Martha Esparza
MVUUC Nominating Committee