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  • Sun

    Grandmother's Spoon - with Rev Maggie

    10:30 amZoom Link shared via MVUUC email

    Robbie Dunlop sifted through the wildfire’s ash, poking through the cremains of their beloved home in Talent, Oregon. Among the ashes, Robbie was relieved to find a kitchen utensil that had belonged to Grandmother many, many years before... a spoon she used often - no matter what she cooked. It didn’t matter if it was ham or spaghetti, as long as you had that spoon, it all came out right.

    Grandmother told Robbie the story over and again: "Don't fret if you're not a very good cook, it's the spoon that makes everything turn out so good."

    What might that "Grandmother’s Spoon" be for us... that unique utensil that'll make it all come out right?

    Join Rev Maggie as we sift out the treasures that remain magic and meaningful after great loss.