Service Every Sunday -10:30am
 Religious Exploration -10:30am
(toddlers through High School)

9185 Monte Vista Avenue
Montclair, California 91763
(3 blocks north of the 10 Freeway)

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Phone: (909) 626-0520
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Monte Vista Unitarian Universalist Congregation (formerly the First Unitarian Society of Pomona Valley) has been a beacon of liberal religious life in the Pomona Valley since 1888. We are located just east of Los Angeles.

We are a progressive community that encourages and supports individual spiritual quests while we work together for social justice.  We cherish the diversity of age, ability, belief, race, ethnicity, country of origin, language, economic status, education, political perspective, gender, sexual orientation or family structure.

We hope you will find a spiritual home with us.

Upcoming Sunday Worship Services

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    On this Mother's Day we celebrate two important things, Human Moms and Mother Earth. In our last service about the principles we look at our 7th Principle, Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.
    Amy Randall and Rev. Ann Schranz

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    flowersIn 1923, Unitarian minister Rev. Norbert Capek introduced a flower ceremony to his congregation in Czechoslovakia. The ceremony draws attention to the beauty of each individual and highlights the ways we are different from one another yet complement one another. Rev. Norbert lost his life at the hands of the Nazi's, yet his message and the flower ceremony continue. From prison, he wrote, "When a holy enthusiasm seizes the heart, your face lights up. You feel like a star singing. Your very soul, hearing your song, is radiant. It was, and it will be again."

    Please bring a flower to the service, and know that you will take home a different flower.

    Rev. Ann Schranz

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    Improvisation and Motivations"

    Jazz musicians improvise within certain musical conventions. While there have been people who excelled at blurring musical boundaries, for the most part, conventions or patterns assist with communication in music, art, and life.  Ministers improvise within certain religious conventions.  Jazz pianist Harry Ragland and Rev. Ann will engage in spoken and musical dialogue about the motivations for her ministerial improvisations in the congregation and in the community.

    Harry Ragland and Rev. Ann Schranz

  • Sun

    We take a look back at this year's Religious Exploration program for children and youth.  We Are Unitarian Universalists, and honor those who have worked to make it so successful. Led by Religious Exploration Director, Amy Randall, and RE Teachers.
    Please join us for a year-end celebration Potluck Picnic in the RE area following the service. Bring something Yummy.  Hot dogs (meat & veggie) and drinks provided.  All ages encouraged to participate.