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Monte Vista Unitarian Universalist Congregation
9185 Monte Vista Ave.
California 91763, US
Phone: (909) 626-0520

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Religious Exploration (Education)

Visit the RE page for more information and schedules.

Social Action

Social Action is a major part of Unitarian Universalist Life. Please check back soon to find out how you can become involved.


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Love is the doctrine of this congregation
The quest for truth is our sacrament
And service is our prayer.
To dwell together in peace,
To seek knowledge in freedom,
To share our strength in fellowship,
Thus do we covenant to eachother.

- MonteVistaUU -

Meet Our Publicity Team

Publicity committee is solely responsible for the content on our website. You might as well know who we are!!!

Welcome to Your New Website

It is with great joy that I present to you our new website. It is fully responsive so it will fit properly on all mobile devices. It continues to be a work in progress as new ideas continue to form but here are some highlights to look forward to in the very near future:

  • Blogs! Ministers blog and Amy Randall Blog
  • Zoom integration for streaming services and events
  • Message the Pulpit (limited to Lay Led services for now)
  • SoundCloud will be returning big time!
  • New Social Media venues like Vine, Pinterest, and more.

I am excited to explore new opportunities for expression and promoting into our imediate community and the world. If you have website experience and wish to join in the fun, please contact me.

This website belongs to the big hearted and hard working people of the Monte Vista Unitarian Universalist Congregation. You are the inspiration for all I do. We are family, friends, forgivers and forever. We are blessed.

Webmaster , Abraham Peraza

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