Share the Plate

IMG_4192SPECIAL SUNDAY COLLECTIONS at Monte Vista Unitarian Universalist Congregation MVUUC continues to be a generous congregation. We do not gather all your gifts for ourselves, but for the world. Toward that end, the Social Justice Coordinating Committee (SJCC) selects several worthy causes each year for our special SHARE THE PLATE collection now held on the second Sunday of each month.  MVUUC gives the entire collection to the selected organization.

Dollar Bill

September 2017 Share the Plate

The Refugee Resettlement Team #2.  Find out about a new organization in the Inland Empire dedicated to helping others.

Who We Are:  A group of volunteers who are committed to peace and social justice by helping refugees.  Our team includes community activists of all ages:  professors, teachers, students, financial advisors, filmmakers, homemakers, seniors and scientists.

Our Mission:  To provide transitional support to refugees in Pomona and San Gabriel Valleys as refugees work to gain their independence.

What We Do:  Fundraise to supplement refugees’ rent, provide furniture, transportation; assist registration for social services, schools, medical appointments and English language classes.

Our Partners:  Organizations with networks and connections to strengthen our efforts.  MVUUC is one of our partners.  Come learn more about the group and how you can help.

Do you have a suggestion for MVUUC’s monthly Share the Plate collection recipient? Here is the current list of recipients for MVUUC’s 2017-2018 Share the Plate monthly collection. There are a couple of dates intentionally left open for congregational suggestion

September 10 – Refugee Resettlement Team #2

October 8 – UUUNO

November 12 – NAAMI

December 10

January 14 – Prison Library Project

February 11

March 11 – UUSC

April 15 – Calapayan Congregation

May 13 – Inland Valley Hope Partners

June 3 – Youth Choice

If you have a suggestion of a 501(c)(3) organization that the SJCC ought to consider for our SHARE THE PLATE collection, kindly submit your request in writing to any member of the SJCC (Margaret Davis, Teresia Santee, Catherine Rowlee, Anne Thorward, Julie Steinbach, Harry Ragland, Nella Jarett, Jeanine Little)

Please include:

  1. Name, Address, Contact information of the organization
  2. Your affiliation and history with the organization
  3. Why we should consider this organization? (i.e., how does it reflect our UU values?)
  4. How would funds we donate be used?
  5. How others may become involved in the organization, if they so choose?

Thank You.