Sunday Service

Sunday Service - 10:30 am

Sunday Service begins every Sunday at 10:30am in the sanctuary. Rev. Susan Manker-SealeMinister Rev. Susan Manker-Seale presides over most services.  Guest speakers or lay members present occasionally and during July and the first two weeks of August.

The following describes the upcoming sermon topics.  You may also click on "All" or a specific year to review the topics of prior Sunday services.

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    Lay Leaders: Amy Randall and Catherine Rowlee

    Creativity is a central part of human life. Engaging in the arts as a spiritual practice means honoring the process and cultivating a relationship to mystery. Join us for an interactive, hands-on opportunity to experience the creative process and discover your own insights.

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    Lay Leader: Mary McMahon
    Song Leader: Abraham Peraza

    Come join in singing and learning songs from our hymnbook, “Singing the Living Tradition” and “Singing the Journey” as we experience and learn how music impacts the way we worship. There will be lots of congregational singing!!! Lily Popova will be the pianist.

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    Guest Speakers: Delores Burris, Chris Williams, Marsha Cookingham

    Introduction by Delores Burris

    Book 1:  Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis
    Chris Williams

    Book 2:  The Book of Joy: Lasting happiness In a Changing World
    Marsha Cookingham