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Our financial pledges to MVUUC make up a significant part of our income. For the fiscal year, 2017/2018, we did a fantastic job of raising our pledges to $129,545 – and balancing the budget! We expanded our programs to include Adult Religious Exploration. And we’re close to meeting our $10,000 goal to receive the matching Spirit Level Grant to cover the expenses of our ministerial search.
We balanced the 2017/2018 budget by making some painful cuts and including $12,000 in fundraising. For the upcoming fiscal year which begins July 1, 2018, our goal is to raise our pledges by 15% to $148,976. We can do it! If we pledged at a comparable rate to other UU congregations – of the same size – in our district – we could cover all our budget needs without any cuts or any fundraising! What does that look like? In other congregations, 40% pledge $2,000 or more, at MVUUC only 28% of pledges were more than $2,000. In other congregations, 20% pledge $4,000 or more, at MVUUC only 9% of pledges were for $4,000 or more.
We need to work together. Fill MVUUC’s Sails! Please consider making a pledge of $2,000 or more if you can. If you already give $2,000 or more, please consider raising your pledge by 15% or more.

What does your pledge pay for?

  • A Full-time Minister
  • Worship Services
  • Religious Exploration programming for children and youth
  • Adult Religious Exploration classes
  • World-class music on Sundays
  • Beautiful grounds
  • Clean buildings
  • Multigenerational parties
  • Coffee on Sunday
  • Office Administrator and Bookkeeper
  • Support for our Calapayan Partner Church
  • Opportunities to connect with others

Make your pledge today!

Click here to print your Good Stewardship Card.  Please complete and sign the form then mail or bring to MVUUC, Attention: Treasurer.
Click on the DONATE button below t to pay your pledge by credit card in one annual payment or to set up monthly payments.

You may use a credit card.  You don’t need a PayPal account.

Consider including the processing fees of 2.9% in your donation. Then 100% of your contribution goes toward the congregation. To do so please add 2.9% to your donation. Thank you.