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Monte Vista Unitarian Universalist Congregation (formerly the First Unitarian Society of Pomona Valley) has been a beacon of liberal religious life in the Pomona Valley since 1888. We are located just east of Los Angeles.

We are a progressive community that encourages and supports individual spiritual quests while we work together for social justice.  We cherish the diversity of age, ability, belief, race, ethnicity, country of origin, language, economic status, education, political perspective, gender, sexual orientation or family structure.

We are Freethinker Friendly: we provide a welcoming community for people with atheist, agnostic, humanist , and other non-theistic world views.

We hope you will find a spiritual home with us.

Upcoming Sunday Worship Services

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    Guest Speaker:   Ahmad Adib Shaar
    On a weekend when Americans are reflecting on their love of their country and listening to the stirring sounds of John Phillip Sousa’s Stars and Stripes Forever and America on Parade it is well that we hear of the love that others have of their places, especially when those places are being torn apart by violence which is not of their making.  The city of Aleppo, Syria, is such a place.  One of the oldest cities in the world, a center of world culture when Europe was going through its Dark Ages, it has been a place where Muslims, Christians, and Jews have lived together in peace for centuries, and it is now being destroyed.

    Ahmad Adib Sharr is an Aleppine citizen and engineer who is being hosted this year by Harvey Mudd College and sponsored by the Institute of International Education’s Scholar Rescue Program.  He has a special interest in what he calls the intangible heritage of Aleppo, he is a member of the Archaeological Society of Aleppo, and he has been posting daily reflections from Aleppo on Facebook during the past five years as his city has been under attack by Syria’s government, by radical Islamists, and more recently by Russian air strikes.
    Lay Leader:  Dick Olson