Service Every Sunday -10:30am
 Religious Exploration -10:30am
(toddlers through High School)

9185 Monte Vista Avenue
Montclair, California 91763
(3 blocks north of the 10 Freeway)

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Phone: (909) 626-0520
Email: minister@montevistauu.org 

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Monte Vista Unitarian Universalist Congregation (formerly the First Unitarian Society of Pomona Valley) has been a beacon of liberal religious life in the Pomona Valley since 1888. We are located just east of Los Angeles.

We are a progressive community that encourages and supports individual spiritual quests while we work together for social justice.  We cherish the diversity of age, ability, belief, race, ethnicity, country of origin, language, economic status, education, political perspective, gender, sexual orientation or family structure.

We are Freethinker Friendly: we provide a welcoming community for people with atheist, agnostic, humanist , and other non-theistic world views.

We hope you will find a spiritual home with us.

Upcoming Sunday Worship Services

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    Monte Vista Unitarian Universalist Congregation was formed in 1962, soon after the Unitarian and Universalist Churches joined forces in 1961. But our origins as a beacon of liberal religion in the Pomona Valley go back to the late 1800's. We remain a dynamic and forward thinking congregation with members from wide ranging religious origins, philosophies and beliefs.

    We do not require you to conform to any specific creed. We only hope that you will join with us in community as we make our individual ways on our spiritual journey together. We firmly believe that there is strength in diversity, and you may find that our religious community is a place where you can truly be yourself.

    We don't have to think alike to love alike.

    Worship Service Sermons

    • Tue
      7:00 pmClassroom 3

      An Adult RE course on spiritual development.  Tuesdays from 7:00 to 8:30 PM in Room 3.  Spirit of Life workshops offer participants space, time, and community to explore their Unitarian Universalist spirituality. Each focuses on a different aspect of the spiritual life, framed by the lyrics of Carolyn McDade’s song “Spirit of Life.” Participants are invited to claim an inclusive definition of spirituality and recognize the spiritual aspects of their lives. Reflecting, speaking, and listening are core activities in each workshop. The workshop will be led by Rev. Maggie Yenoki and MVUUC’s Director of Lifespan Religious Exploration Amy Randall.  Contact Laura at ljmulroy@gmail.com or 909-226-6446 with questions or to sign up.

    • Fri
      Portland, Oregon

      Save the Date for Regional Assembly

      The Pacific Western Region will hold a regional assembly April 27-29, 2018, at the DoubleTree Hotel in Portland, Oregon. Regional Assembly 2018: Stories of Hope, Courage, Resistance, and Resilience.  For more information:  https://www.uua.org/pacific-western


    • Sun
      10:30 amSanctuary

      Guest Speaker:  Richard Olsen
      Lay Leader:  Abraham Peraza

      In 2006 Journalist Gary Wolf introduced the term New Atheists to describe a mass movement led by Richard Dawkins and Samuel Harris, among others. The talk will discuss why aggressive atheism has seen such a revival recently and suggest why it seems to me that it is in many ways misdirected both in its aims and in its arguments.