Event Information:

  • Fri


    7:00 pmMVUUC Sanctuary

    Liquid Moon Circle of UU Pagans are pleased to welcome guest facilitators for a special Nordic ritual. Nick and Tiffany are Reconstructionist Heathens (followers of Germanic polytheism). They are interested in connecting with and learning from other Pagans and the various paths they take.

    Midsommar (Midsummer), also known by its Anglo-Saxon name Litha, is a festival held in June during the days surrounding the summer solstice. Feasts are prepared and great bonfires are burned to celebrate the sun goddess Sunna, at her most powerful before she begins to fade, again. Traditionally, sun wheels are fashioned from wood, lit on fire, and rolled down a hill to symbolize Sunna’s waning days after the solstice. During Midsommar ritual, offerings are made to Sunna, Thor, Frey and other dieties as well as ancestors and wights or landvættir (spirits of the land). Tribe and family are also celebrated during this time, as kin and kith come together to honor the relationship they have with one another. A mead horn is passed, and stories and toasts are exchanged between members of the tribe. During this Midsommarblót, offerings of homemade mead and baked goods will be made to Sunna and other gods, the landvættir, and to our eldest kin. We will also share a little bit about the culture of Heathenry with the group.

    Tiffany will be preparing sun cookies, but any other contributions to the feast following the ritual are welcomed and appreciated! Don’t forget your MVUUC Potluck Bag.  CUUPs contact: Jeanne Coats at or (909) 860-5267