Event Information:

  • Fri


    7:00 pm

    Please join our Liquid Moon Circle of UU Pagans in welcoming our Druid brothers and sisters for a special evening. Recent events have caused widespread concern amongst many people. Religious and spiritual communities have been particularly concerned over the very human questions involved, from personal safety to how could this happen? This can extend to a much deeper questioning of personal values and faith in the divine, however we view that divine. These times also affect us, as Druids and other pagans, causing our community to forget who we are. From time to time, and especially in moments of trauma, it is appropriate and necessary to reconnect with the basic elements of our spirituality.

    The Druids were always peacemakers. Our rituals always work around the idea and intention for peace; in the world and in our hearts. We meet, celebrate, and part with words of peace. This ritual is to reaffirm who we are and to reconnect with the sacred purpose of the Druid: To bring peace joy and wholesome intent into our mortal existence. Our dear friend, Peter Freeman will lead us in this deeply meaningful ritual. Feasting and fellowship will follow afterwards. Please bring a dish to share, as well as your MVUUC potluck bag, if you have one. CUUPs contact: Jeanne Coats at or (909) 860-5267.