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    12:30 pmSanctuary

    MVUUC--A Safe Congregation

     Our Monte Vista UU Congregation Safe Congregation Pool helps our congregation be safer from harm: emotionally and physically. We uphold policies to protect children, such as having two or more unrelated adults with children at all times, and we uphold policies to protect adults, such as our Covenant of Right Relations and the Disruptive Behavior Policies that enable us to deal with behavior that is destructive to individuals or the community. One of the ways we uphold adult standards of behavior is by developing Limited Access Agreements with people who are known to have committed offenses related to interpersonal boundaries, such as someone who is listed as a Registered Sex Offender, or someone who has had a restraining order place upon them. A Limited Access Agreement spells out our congregation’s expectations for healthy behavior and limits the signer’s access to certain people and programs of the congregation. It also names clear consequences for violation of the agreement.

    If at any point in your involvement with MVUUC, you experience or witness inappropriate behavior, you can talk with our minister and/or our Safe Congregation team. We will listen with compassion, help you find support, and seek to address the problem within our covenanted community.

    We invite the entire congregation to please join us for our bi-annual Sex Abuse Prevention Workshop on June 10 at 12:30 PM, after the annual meeting.