Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council Has Moved!

New mailing address, staff, and contact information!

As of right now, June 21, 2016, the office of the Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council is located in St. Louis, MO. The Bedford office will no longer provide any services, so please be sure to note our new contact information. We look forward to serving you!

Mailing Address:
483 E. Lockwood, Suite 109
St. Louis, MO 63119-3168

Office phone and email:
314 – 918 – 2618

Roger Bertschausen, Executive Director
314 – 918 – 2613

Amanda DiMiele, Office Manager
314 – 918 – 2618

Sharon McCarron, Office Assistant
314 – 918 – 2619


Update: Great good news! After the recent Share the Plate Collection for our Philippine Partner Church students, subsequent contributions have come in exceeding our original goal of $1,000 (to provide a $50 stipend for each of our 20 elementary and high school students). As of March 30th, the total was $1,214, which has been sent to the UU Partner Church Council office in Boston for relay – along with other US partner church funds – to the Philippine UU Church headquarters in Dumaguete. This will allow time for funds to be dispersed to the various congregations on Negros Island before the beginning of the school year in May. Huge SALAMATS for such heartwarming response to the Call!

Dave Albay-Yenney and Julie Steinbach

Visit the Philippines, February 2016

In February, 2016, the UUPCC will sponsor a pilgrimage to the Philippines which will be very similar to the UUCP 101 of previous years, but offer more emphasis on service projects and reflection on how to assimilate the amazing information and experiences which comes with the trip!

Join us as we spend time with the UUs in the Manila area and learn about the fascinating and disquieting history of the Philippines. We will be introduced to their colorful, energetic culture and get to know the amazing young people who are working hard to share and grow our UU faith in this land of many conservative cultural challenges.

After a couple days in Manila, we will fly south to Negros Island to be warmly welcomed at the UUCP headquarters in Dumaguete City, a lively college town and charming seaside destination. There you will come to understand a great deal about how the UU faith developed in the Philippines and about the devotion and energy which fuels the life of our UU brothers and sisters there. We will go on a road trip to visit several of the 27 UU congregations which are found on this lovely agricultural island. We will have an opportunity to share meals, stories, songs and dance with our UU families there and join them in planting trees and creating ropes out of recycled plastic materials. We will also be able to see the UU Pre-school in Aquino and visit a typical village marketplace. Those of you who would like to consider finding a church to partner with will be able to meet with several congregations hoping to find a partner. Those of you who would like to spend more time with your partner congregation will be able to arrange for an extension to create the deeply heartfelt connections developed during partnership. And there is great joy in being able to meet and spend time with the young UU scholars. Other trip extensions can be arranged that will give you an opportunity to more fully explore the beauty of this land...and the sea.

This trip will be life changing...you can count on that.

The UU Partner Church Council is the sponsor of this trip and the trip leaders are experienced and understand the culture of both the Philippines and western cultures. The cost of the trip is $1400 which starts with your arrival in Manila on the 12th and all expenses (except for alcoholic beverages, tips and extra experiences) you will incur during the pilgrimage. The trip concludes in Dumaguete on the 23rd. You will be responsible for your transportation in and out of the country, but the trip will pay for all travel expenses (including your flight from Manila to Dumaguete) once you arrive. We will stay in hotels and travel in nice air conditioned buses. The temperature will be hot, most likely in the 80s and there are other travel difficulties...long trips over difficult roads, etc., which suggest that you carefully consider whether this trip would be physically advisable for you. So be cautious, but, if you have any questions about whether the trip would be good for you, please call Lee Boeke Burke (920 915 1667) to discuss the possibilities.

Those who will be on the trip with you will be Rebecca Sienes, President of the UU church of the Philippines, Rev. Pat Guthmann Haresh, a UU minister currently living in Manila, and Lee Boeke Burke, UUPCC Networker for the Philippines who will be co-leading her 6th trip to the Philippines.

The deadline for signing up for this trip is December 1 and we need to have 9 travelers for the trip to be a go. We are part way there already...join us...you won't regret it!

Sign up at www.uupcc.org

Salamat, Lee Boeke Burke leeboekeburke@gmail.com
UUPCC Networker for the Philippines