On Sunday April 3rd and again on April 10th, your board members presented a two-part forum on our Congregational Visioning and Ministerial Transition.  At the second event, handouts were available which included:

  1. Perspectives:  Ministry and Interim Ministry
  2. Five Questions and Answers from Interim Task Force and the Board of Trustees—this is part of our informational packet that is submitted online to prospective interim ministers
  3. Accomplished Goals:  2015-2016
  4. One Year Goals:  2016-2017, Prioritized List 1-14 from the Board, based on Visioning last August lead by Kathey Rickey, PSWD.
  5. February Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet
  6. Land Use Proposal from Tan Family and Moore Real Estate

If you would like copies of these documents, please email Maribel Dana at and request them.

By April 22nd, our application packet, as well as applications from all congregations and ministers applying, will have been submitted to the UUA.  On May 9th or 10th, our Interim Task Force will begin receiving names of interested ministers.

There will be 3 Rounds for selection.  We hope to find our minister during Round 1.   We may have an interim minister before the end of May, but it could go to June.   The Task Force will recommend a choice and the Board will hire.

A year from now when we begin the search for our called or settled minister, the congregation will have a vote after hearing the candidate conduct a service.  Our new interim minister should begin no later than the first week of September.