Refugee Resettlement Team #2

The MVUUC Board of Trustees voted to officially add MVUUC’s name and support to

Refugee Resettlement Team #2

فريق مساعدة اللاجئين #٢

February – March 2017


Who We Are:  A group of volunteers who are committed to peace and social justice by helping refugees.  Our team includes community activists of all ages:  professors, teachers, students, financial advisors, filmmakers, homemakers, seniors and scientists.

Our Mission:  To provide transitional support to refugees in Pomona & San Gabriel Valleys as refugees work to gain their independence.

What We Do:  Fundraise to supplement refugees’ rent, provide furniture, transportation; assist registration for social services, schools, medical appointments and English language classes.

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Defying the Nazis

Get the BookDEVYING THE NAZIS: THE SHARPS’ WAR   Books available at discounted price of only $23.50.  Contact Anne Thorward.  A great read published by UUA Beacon Press. Great gift and some say the book is much better than the movie.

Defying the Nazis: The Sharps’ War is an account of a daring rescue mission that occurred on the precipice of World War II. It tells the previously untold story of Waitstill and Martha Sharp, an American minister and his wife from Wellesley, Massachusetts, who left their children behind in the care of their parish and boldly committed to a life-threatening mission in Europe. Over two dangerous years they helped to save scores of imperiled Jews and refugees fleeing Nazi occupation across Europe.

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The Social Justice Coordinating Committee is compiling a list of local organizations that further social justice causes in which members of MVUUC are involved.  We will have a display on the green table in the Sanctuary asking for input, to include the name of the organization, when and where the organization meets locally, and whether the person providing the information would be willing to be a contact person for anyone interested in the organization.  We know that MVUUC members and friends are active in the local communities!  Tell us about it and provide the information for others who may be interested!


“Thank you to all who came out to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation on Sunday to welcome the Wawieh and Kanjou families. They felt the warmth of your embrace and support and are excited about the many new connections made. Thank you to all who have offered to tutor them in English and those working with them now. If anyone is in need of a talented custom furniture maker and carpenter, Mr. Kanjou is your man. Until the next gathering… wrote Dr. Tayyarah

Pam, Rev Ann & AnneOUR WELCOMING LUNCH held on JUSTICE SUNDAY (March 6, 2016) was quite a success.  The patio was packed.   Pam Sparr from UU Service Committee delivered a dramatic sermon about the Syrian refugee crisis entitled The Knock at the Door”.   Jeanine and Halah read poems full of emotion. There were only a few dry eyes in the room.  Over lunch, many special guests and several visiting students shared their anticipated volunteer support for upcoming justice work.

Thanks to everyone who brought food to share. Many people arrived early and stayed late to set up, serve, and clean up. Special thanks to our tireless Kitchen Crew: Kathy, Danita, Jesus, Marissa, Tim, and Jason. Thanks to Worship Committee for providing the families fruit gift baskets and to Eleanor for the now much-loved stuffed animals. They were a hit!

Tom's Peace ShirtSo many thanks to Dr. Aswad, who brokered the negotiations with three Syrian refugee families, making them comfortable to attend a different place of worship. Their smaller children became restless until they found our playground where true international play happened. Another WELCOMING event is probably now essential when the third family can join us too.

Mr. Tarifi wrote: “Good morning Anne, I just want to thank you for the lovely luncheon on Sunday, we all enjoyed it specially Tom’s kebab. Please let your congregation know how much the Syrian families appreciate the Love and support they received. I look forward to host your congregation at the Islamic center (Claremont) in the month of Ramadan, so we may share more beautiful time together.”

This WELCOMING LUNCH was the beginning of a wonderful community friendship. Salaam.